From Educators 

"I am already implementing strategies learned here, making a learning centre for the kids that all students can use but which will be particularly relevant for my ASD kids."

"A marvelous opportunity to get in depth training about a disability that the public knows about but few understand! The power and importance of sound instruction for individuals with autism is critical!"

"I sincerely appreciate how the course was presented (visual slides, pace, well-organized)! I found the activities/homework very practical in that they are activities/documents I have to complete as part of my job. It gave me hands-on practice!"

"This course was extremely beneficial and inspiring."

"I plan on using pictures and going to the websites to get 'more' information - talking more direct."

 "[I plan to] increase parental involvement and how to include individualized teaching."

"Thank you for giving me a starting point and realizing the earlier we start the better. This is such a broad area to cover and our special needs children need as much knowledge as they can receive."

"Better informed, great ideas for teaching. Will use on all kids not just special needs."

"Implementing many of the theme boards with students. I am eager to locate and use these materials with the students I work with. Lots of great stuff!"

"Task analysis charts will really help with the sequential display - my student needs this repetition and visual cues to complete tasks."

"Gave us some ideas and strategies that will help the students we work with. Raised lots of questions about what might work and how to present the information."

"I feel like I am much more informed. Never really thought too much about this topic as part of this job. Thank you for the useful info."

"It made the difference between just being in class and actually wanting to be there and learning."

"I know my job performance has been enhanced."

"What I found most useful was actually working through the exercises and hearing all your wonderful examples of working with autism."

"Absolutely wonderful course. I will use all in my work."

"I found this course incredibly useful and the strategies that I learned are great for both exceptional and non-exceptional students. The visual aids discussed here are clear and easily adaptable for implementation into the whole classroom environment and for all children. I hope that I will soon have my own classroom and b e able to create a learning environment conducive to all learning abilities."

"I absolutely enjoyed the day and felt really energized by the discussion. We are meeting as a secondary team to follow up and do some planning tomorrow. We hope to use your framework as a starting point for developing another Board Authorized and Approved curriculum (BAA) for Life Skills.  I know I speak for all the secondary participants at the event, that it was a valuable sharing experience."

"Extremely high quality services from POPARD - very effective. POPARD is great and I can offer no substantive suggestions for improvement."

“I learned so many practical things/methods etc. which I shall be able to implement both at home and school.” 

“Thank you for an outstanding week. Your delivery, sense of humour and calm disposition made it very enjoyable. You are encouraging and patient and of course a walking encyclopedia regarding the autism spectrum.” 

“I am so glad I took this course. It has helped me to understand and see the world through the eyes of the autistic child and hopefully the tools to help them to be more equipped to fit into their alien world.” 

“…Many useful strategies that can be used right away! …It was a great, useful course.”

"...I just wanted to thank-you for all of your help, advice, and understanding during our POPARD Practicum. I enjoyed my experience and wanted to let you know how valuable I feel this program is. I look forward to using the skills and knowledge I learned in the future..."  


From Parents

"Thanks to all the information that is available to us - we should be able to start at a point and slowly keep moving forward. I realize now how important it is to start 'early' and work as a 'team' toward our goals!" 

“To watch your child always standing on the fringe, wanting to be accepted but not quite knowing how is a parent’s deepest agony. Everything else pales in comparison. Thank you for your wonderful compassion and insight into the hearts and minds of children…and for sharing this knowledge with me so that I might have the skills to guide [my child] to develop the social skill she will need to join the group and perhaps make even one meaningful friendship in what for her has often been a lifetime of exclusion.” 

“[My child] has made a little progress – actually, a lot, and he is also much happier now.” 

“I am a parent of a 6 year-old Aspergers child (boy) and a grade 4 teacher who having a 10 year-old low functioning autistic child in my class this September. Over the last 10 years, I’ve had 6 – 7 children in my classes. Before my son’s diagnosis…my major sources of information were parents and integration teachers. How sad! Thank you…for an amazing week. I learned so many practical things/methods etc. which I shall be able to implement both at home and school.”  


From Others

“What I found most useful was the strategies to cope with behaviour, how to help your child communicate and that all behaviour is communication…I can’t wait to apply everything I learned. I know my children are going to benefit so much.” 

~  Behaviour Interventionist and Child and Youth Care Worker