April is Autism Awareness Month

Sunday, April 2, 2017 is the 10th Anniversary of World Autism Awareness Day. Here in BC, however, all of April is set aside for Autism Awareness Month.
At POPARD, we support individuals with ASD, school staff and families all year long. In recognition of Autism Awareness Month, we’ve selected some videos that demonstrate the day to day lives of families, children, and adults with Autism. We honour their experiences, recognize their challenges, and celebrate their resilience.

Yes, April is Autism Month, but for POPARD and the families we support, ASD is something we think about every day, not just in April.

“The best way we can support Autism Awareness Month is to turn it into Autism Action Month. People with autism deserve a bright – not just a blue – future.” ... From Washington Post, Kim Stagliani, 2015

Click the pictures to see videos about the day to day lives of those with Autism:


Jackie's Story: Preparing for Kindergarten


Velasquez Family


All the Lonely People


Dancing Barista with ASD


Amazing Things Happen