Tasks Galore Literature-Based Thematic Units

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January, 2014
Laurie Eckenrode, Pat Fennell
Tasks Galore Literature-Based Thematic Units

Tasks Galore Literature-Based Thematic Units is a resource meant to demonstrate to teachers how to link themes found in children’s books to engaging learning activities across subject areas. Specifically, it provides an example of theme- or literature-based instruction across the areas of literacy, numeracy, social studies, and science with the purpose of illustrating, “an alternative way to provide information” to young students or those with special needs.

As part of this resource, Eckenrode and Fennel have included a children’s story book entitled, I’m Hungy, I’m Hungry: What Shall I Do?. From the content of their story, the authors present detailed steps and visual examples of hands-on learning activities across curriculum areas that emphasize the vocabulary, concepts, and skills introduced in the picture book. The tasks maintain a functional focus by connecting themes to everyday experiences; they also demonstrate the application of organizational strategies and visual cues that support student learning. In addition to activities centered on their own book, the authors provide guidelines for choosing other children’s books from which to build similar learning activities across curriculum areas.

This resource package would be very useful for early childhood educators and special education teachers looking for ideas to build a thematic and practical curriculum for individual students or their classrooms.

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