When My Worries Get Too Big!

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May, 2014
Kari Dunn Buron, Mitzi Curtis
When My Worries Get Too Big!

When My Worries Get Too Big! is an engaging tool for young children to explore their own feelings with parents or teachers. Through relevant visual examples, the story helps children to think about what makes them calm and what makes them worried or upset. Within the story are pages for the student to write down their own situations and activities and draw what they look like and may be thinking when they are calm or upset.

This book introduces the vocabulary of resource, The incredible 5-Point Scale by Kari Dunn Buron and Mitzi Curtis by relating feelings to numbers (i.e., identifying that calm and happy means that the child is at a “one”). On the last page, there is a 5 Point Scale worksheet for students to complete with the information they have identified through the story.

It is a great introduction to the 5 Point Scale strategy for managing anxiety for children in primary grades. It is also a helpful tool for parents or educators to ensure that the child’s 5-Point Scale is effective in helping them regulate their own emotions, as it encourages children to use their own words in describing their triggers and feelings and come up with their own strategies for calming down.

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