Regional Courses - Check back in September, 2019

Regional courses for the 2019/2020 school year will be posted in September 2019, once the schedule has been determined.

Throughout the year, school districts around the province make arrangements with POPARD to host POPARD training in their district. These regional/district courses are open to out-of-district staff, and registration or enquiries about these courses should be directed to the host district.

Curious if your school district is planning to host a POPARD course? Please direct these enquiries to your School District's Student Support Services Department.

Notes About District Training Offered by POPARD

*Fees paid to POPARD for courses held at POPARD are not transferable to courses held in school districts or other locations.

*Course registration for regional courses is managed by the host district/school.

Course Policies

Be sure to review information about POPARD's Participant Code of Conduct and Attendance policy, Course Work & Evaluation, Expected Language Proficiency, and Accommodations for Participants with Disabilities by clicking here.