The Horse Boy

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August, 2019
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Michel Orion Scott (Director)

The Horse Boy records the journey of a 5-year old boy with autism and his parents as they travel across the world to Mongolia in search of shamanic healing. Rowan was diagnosed with autism at age 2. Although Rowan has an extraordinary relationship with animals and becomes deeply relaxed when on the back of his neighbour’s old horse, he is isolated from peers and has difficulty communicating with people. Rowan’s inconsolable tantrums are described as neurologically-based.

Experts in the field of autism, including Temple Grandin, Simon Baron-Cohen, and Roy Richard Grinker (et al.) share their views on autism, its impact on the family and the importance of seeing autism as a form of diversity and learning how to live with it in our society.

This film is not about finding a cure, but rather about finding a way into the life of a child with autism by understanding the child’s unique personality, interests and strengths.

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