9th Planet Autism Social Skills Videos

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June, 2019
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9th Planet, LLC

The 9th Planet presents a series of engaging and relatable social skills videos using a science fiction them. As described on the website, “the short videos tell the story of Tad Shy, a fictional character from another planet who is learning to take care of himself, find a job, and develop relationships on a planet populated by socially-minded ‘neurotypicals.’”

Videos are presented across two DVDs, or conversations; each video is only a few minutes in length and presents the “do’s” and “don’ts” of specific social scenarios, as indicated below:

  • Conversation I: Saying hello, eye contact, personal space, voice volume, asking a question, and joining a conversation.
  • Conversation II: Daily hygiene, taking a message, making a call, recognizing sarcasm, complimenting others, and empathetic listening.

Each video includes User Guides containing the shooting scripts and suggested discussion questions and activities. There is also a Companion Video Behaviour Modeling Course available for purchase associated with each DVD that includes lesson plans and a Capstone Project, through which students write and produce their own social skills video model. This resource is best suited for students Grade 5 and older; it is typically used in a small group setting but can be effective as an individual or class-wide intervention as well.

This resource is available on the 9th Planet website: http://www.9thplanet.org/index.html. Videos can be downloaded directly from the site or ordered as a DVD.

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