Model Me Kids, Organization and Motivation

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April, 2011

Model Me Kids, Organization and Motivation was developed for children with:

  • Autism
  • Aspergers
  • Nonverbal Learning Disorders
  • Social Anxiety
  • Learning Disabilities and Delays

Children model skills for staying organized and persisting.

1. Do My Best
2. Planning Ahead
3. Being On Time
4. Note-Taking
5. Organization
6. Persistence
7. Break it Down
8. Flexibility
9. Focus
10. The Big Picture
11. Memorization
12. Mistakes

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Team Up with Timo

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March, 2011

Team Up with Timo features an interactive animated tutor, Timo. Timo engages students in repeated story reading, listening and thinking activities.

The learning program consists of three main activity areas:

The Library
Contains two versions (Level1 and Level 2) of six short children’s stories composed with coherent specific language and redundancy. Timo reads the stories, or allows the child to read the stories on his or her own.

The books in the library help students develop comprehension, inferencing and vocabulary learning skills. Stories consist of four to six pictures with accompanying text.

Story Scramble
A story picture activity area, with exercises allowing students to properly sequence pictures and graphically retell stories they have read
with Timo in the Library.

The Think Tank
Contains a series of six language exercises that enable students practice and reinforce vocabulary, mental state verbs and linguist
concepts. Activities in the Think Tank address language processing and working memory skills.

Data is collected on all student responses in the Think Tank activities.

Student Profiles and Preferences
Team Up with Timo allows you to customize the behaviour of the program to meet the specific needs of individual specific needs of individual students.

This DVD can be ordered from

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The Transporters: Discover the World of Emotions

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January, 2011

The DVD is designed to be easy to use and contains 15 five minute episodes and a selection of quiz questions that can be played after each episode. There are eight characters in the series, all toy vehicles with their own personalities and function. The series uses mechanical vehicles with real actors’ faces.

The characters come to life when their owner leaves for school. Each episode of The Transporters focuses on one key emotion, which is presented in different contexts throughout the story. There are quizzes to reinforce a child’s understanding of the emotions portrayed in the stories. You can select a quiz by episode, emotion, or a mix of questions.

The series has educational goals that include:

  • To familiarize children with the human face, and increase the time they spend observing faces
  • To introduce emotional concepts to children
  • To show the context of emotions
  • To show how different characters react differently to the same situation

This DVD would be good for Elementary aged students.

The company has also developed “The Transporters Resource CD” and “The Transporters Activity Guide DVD” which include several individual activities, group activities and emotion cards.

To order this DVD, go to

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Social Thinking Across the Home and School Day

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January, 2011
DVD Author: 
Michelle Garcia Winner

This two-part set is intended to assist parents and professionals in teaching ‘social thinking’™ and related skills to students with cognitive deficits.

In Part 1, Michelle presents her I LAUGH framework, a six-point model of social cognition. Michelle draws on personal experience to define concepts and provides strategies for assisting these students.

Part 2 demonstrates Michelle working with both elementary and high school students in individual and group sessions. Some of the lessons demonstrated include:

  • Expected and unexpected behaviours in a group
  • Good Thoughts / Bad Thoughts
  • Is your body in the group or out of the group?
  • Thinking with eyes
  • Memory Files
  • Conversation Tree
  • Conversation Road
  • Bridging Topics

This DVD set is available through or Each part is 2 hours long.

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The Tough Kid: Bully Blocker Shorts

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November, 2010
DVD Author: 
Julie Bowen, Ph.D.

The Tough Kid® Bully Blocker Shorts: Six Skills for Preventing and Reducing Bullying

These videos provide a look at skills and strategies that address bullies, victims, and bystanders.

There are six videos on the DVD:

Video 1: Learning About Bullying: Students learn how to recognize bullying.
Video 2: Bully Blocker Tools: Students learn skills that block bullies.
Video 3: Friendship Builders: Building friendships combats bullying.
Video 4: Problem Solvers: Students learn six steps for solving problems.
Video 5: Respecting Differences: Bullies often use differences as a focus for bullying.
Video 6: Confidence Boosters: Positive self-talk.

The format of the video presentations is unique in the fact that the lessons are all hand drawn as the lesson is explained on the DVD. It is similar to the style of Comic Strip Conversations© by Carol Gray.

The DVD videos also have a workbook that has 15 minute lessons for preventing and reducing bullying. The workbook comes with its own DVD enabling you print out the worksheets and posters that go along with the 15 minute lesson plans.

This DVD can be purchased at Pacific NW Publishing. Click here to go to their website.

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Storymovies: Social Concepts and Skills in School

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September, 2010
DVD Author: 
Carol Gray

These are Carol Gray’s social stories presented through Storymovies. The Storymovies are designed for students ages 8 -12 diagnosed with high functioning autism or Asperger’s Syndrome. They address school related concepts and skills. The Storymovies were developed specifically for children with ASD to help them to increase their understanding of the interactions and situations that surround them.

The DVD has 6 chapters:

  • Chapter 1 Practice, Mistakes and Learning
  • Chapter 2 Respect
  • Chapter 3 Finding a Solution
  • Chapter 4 Permission
  • Chapter 5 Working in a Small Group
  • Chapter 6 Playing a Card Game

The Professional Edition contains ideas for reinforcing concepts, still frames from each movies which coordinate with addtional materials, and other extras that add to the educational value of this product. The DVD is available at Carol Gray's website.

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