Asperger's, Autism and Girls

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December, 2012
DVD Author: 
Dr. Tony Attword

This DVD features a lecture by Dr. Tony Attwood on the topic of Asperger’s and girls.

During this 1 hour, 40 minute session, Dr. Attwood discusses the unique presentation of Asperger’s characteristics in females, as discovered through his clinical practice and experiences shared by girls and women with Asperger’s.
The topics covered in his lecture include:

  • paths to diagnosis (including some common misdiagnoses that may occur)
  • the profile of a female with Asperger’s
  • friendships (throughout the lifespan)
  • fashion
  • sexuality
  • relationships

This video is filled with interesting information and is delivered by Dr. Attwood in a way that is engaging and easy to listen to.

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