Autism is a World

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August, 2013
DVD Author: 
Gerardine Wurzburg

This 40-minute documentary was originally made for TV. It is an autobiographical account of Autism.

Sue Rubin is a woman with Autism with significant communication and motor impairments. In this documentary, she shares her unique experiences as a child who was unable to communicate until given an assistive technology device. Prior to having a method of communication, Sue had been considered severely cognitively challenged. After developing a formal communication system, Sue was able to demonstrate her abilities. At the time of the documentary, she was attending college.

Sue not only wrote the documentary, but also plays herself in the production. Despite her abilities, she requires assistance to live on her own and attend school. This film, which was nominated for an Academy Award, reminds us of the skill discrepancies we may see in individuals with Autism, and how we should never assume anything.

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