Growing Up Social

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May, 2013
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Michelle Garcia Winner

In this 2 DVD set, Michelle Garcia Winner presents a workshop on social development and interventions for students with social-thinking disorders.

In the first 60-minute DVD, Michelle defines social skills and discusses their typical development across childhood. She also explores how problems with social thinking impact expectations and outcomes in school and across the lifespan. In the second DVD (also 60 minutes), Michelle discusses treatment principles that she believes should guide social skills instruction for children with social impairments. She includes four guiding principles that may be used to guide intervention in the areas of social thinking and communication. This DVD is ideal for professionals (and parents) who are working on social skills with high-functioning individuals with ASD. This DVD set provides a solid foundation on which social skills interventions can be based and will be helpful in assisting those who are teaching social skills, by providing a framework to follow when teaching.

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