The Invisible Wall: Autism

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March, 2019
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Stephen Eder

This 50-minute documentary provides a “good, bad, and ugly” presentation of Autism. Some segments, particularly in the beginning of the film, give a bleak view of the lives of children with Autism and their families. In other segments, the talents of people with Autism are presented. Another segment shows how, with appropriate supports, adults with Autism have come to lead full and meaningful adult lives, and so the film also provides a hopeful view of Autism, as well

While some of the information in this DVD would be considered outdated, It does provide a general overview of some of the brain differences related to Autism, and some of the research that was occurring at the time of the documentary (and still continues now).

The film features some familiar faces in the field including Ivar Lovaas, Temple Grandin and Eric Courchesne.

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