Job Searching on the Spectrum

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March, 2018
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9th Planet

Last month, we featured 9th Planet Autism Social Skills Videos targeting social skills such as greeting others, maintaining eye contact and personal space, using the phone, and responding to what others say in conversation.

This month, we are happy to share with you a recent addition to the 9th Planet website, namely the Job Searching on the Spectrum social skills course. This resource focuses specifically on skills needed to find and keep a job and includes 6 brief videos about finding friends, making small talk, planning a job search, finding job opportunities, completing an information interview, and working with a mentor. Each video comes with a lesson plan as well as a guide for using online resources for finding employment opportunities. As in the 9th Planet video models, the videos present each topic in an engaging and humorous manner and feature a character relatable to young adults.
This video set is available by order directly through the 9th Planet website and can be shipped as DVD or downloaded directly onto your computer.
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