Loving Lampposts

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September, 2018
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Todd Drezner

Loving Lampposts exposes multiple viewpoints regarding autism. The filmmaker opens up the world to look at the emotional journey his family encounters when their son is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Rather than promote fear around the current myths of autism origins, he focuses on the unconditional love for his son and acceptance of who he is.

Given the abundance of non-researched movements used to “cure” a child of autism, Dezner poses the important question, can people love a child with autism without wanting to cure them? Through interviews with parents, adults on the spectrum, and other people he embarks on an emotional journey to answer this question. Movements such as the vaccination myth, dietary changes, supplement therapy, and oxygen therapies are critiqued within the film.

Dezner also examines the adult population, which can be sometimes overlooked as children are in the spotlight for many documentaries. He interviews various adults on the spectrum who disclose difficulties with employment, independent lifestyle, and the daily prejudice they encounter. The general population often wonder about the increase in diagnosed cases throughout the world and Dezner offers suggestions around the reasons behind those numbers.

As a population, we sometimes think that individuals must change to fit into a pre-determined mold set by societal pressures.Loving Lampposts looks at the idea of neuro-diversity where we accept individuals as they are rather than mainstreaming. The documentary emphasises parents who accept their children and how they develop joy in their relationships without altering their kids.

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