Manners for the Real World: Basic Social Skills

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March, 2013
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Coulter Video

This 44-minute DVD highlights basic social skills and manners that are typical in North American culture.

The skills range from basic (such as how close to stand to someone) to more advanced (how to sit down at the table when invited for dinner).

This matter-of-fact presentation provides children and adults with video models showing what to do and what not to do in a number of social situations. It also provides factual reasons about why polite routines are used and are necessary. Though the information provided is good for a number of ages, the models are most suitable to teenagers or young adults.

Topics covered include personal hygiene, conversations, introductions, using telephones, cell phones, messaging, table manners, good manners between men and women (chivalry); manners in public, being a host and being a guest. The video is broken into segments which allows one segment to be examined at a time. This video covers an extensive range of manners that will help students who struggle in social situations, and would make a good supplement to a social skills program.

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