A Mile in his Shoes

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February, 2019
DVD Author: 
William Dear, Director

Based on a novel, this story takes place in Ohio during 1948. A young boy named Mickey, diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, is asked to play for a semi-professional baseball team after a coach discovers his pitching talent. Mickey is torn whether he should stay to help the family farm or leave with the coach to play baseball. The film shadows Mickey through his transformation and growth into a young man who makes his own decisions and his influence on the other team members.

The film accurately depicts a person on the higher end of the autism spectrum. Mickey has difficulty with pragmatic language, has a keen interest in mathematics and numbers, does not accept change to routines, and experiences sensitivity to loud noises.

Overall, the film does a good job portraying the autism spectrum. It is remarkable to watch how Mickey perceives and interacts with the world. Also, it is encouraging that his team, coaches, and family finally accept and celebrate his differences at the end of the film.

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