Mind Reading: The Interactive Guide to Emotions

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November, 2018
DVD Author: 
Simon Baren-cohen

Through the Mind Reading DVD, individuals discover over 400 human emotions. Users can see and hear each emotion portrayed by six people to demonstrate differences within emotional expression.

Although the DVD supports all individuals who require extra instruction in emotional identification, it was designed to provide assistance to individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities. Some individuals with ASD have difficulty interpreting facial cues and voice tone. Through use of the DVD’s and accompanying computer software, students become familiar with emotions and comprehend facial expressions and tone of voice.

An emotions library is provided where students can study 412 different emotions. Each emotion is complemented with six video clips that use various people to demonstrate individual variability within emotional expression. Additionally, audio clips are provided to display various tones of voice. The emotions library can be purchased separately.

The creators of the DVD included a Learning Centre intended for students with ASD. Within the learning centre, lessons and quizzes are available to teach emotions in a systematic way and to test recognition. Level of difficulty can be altered to accommodate age and ability. To help motivate students, a set of rewards are available. Finally, a game centre that focuses on informal learning around emotions is available for students to choose from.

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