Strategies for Organization: Preparing for Homework and the Real World

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September, 2013
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with Michelle Winner, produced by Jake Bosmeijer, directed by Laurel Hoekman

In this 3 hour lecture captured in 2 disks with an accompanying booklet, Michelle Winner describes, in detail, 10 practical steps to help teach organization to students with Autism and other social-communication deficits.

The premise of this DVD set is that these skills are not taught directly at school, but some students (particularly those with social deficits) will require direct systematic instruction to learn organization. The skills suggested apply directly to school work, but can also generalize to organization in work settingsl. Michelle covers information on breaking tasks down, preparing the environment, and motivation, to name a few. This DVD set is packed with strategies and interventions, and would be a useful guide for parents and special educators alike.

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