Success Strategies for Students with Asperger Syndrome and Autism

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June, 2012
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Geneva Centre for Autism

This DVD offers sound strategies for helping students with Asperger Syndrome successfully transition to and manage in a high school setting.
It is a training resource that can be used as an orientation to Asperger Syndrome for teachers, educational assistants and other staff. The program can be watched in its entirety or topics selected from a menu, including:
• Introduction (2 minutes)
• Transition Planning (4 minutes)
• Secondary School Success Strategies (30 minutes)
- Assign an Adult as a Safe Supporter
- Establish a Safe Haven
- Self Advocacy and Self-Disclosure
- Detailed Schedules
- Reduced Course Load and Homework
- The Hidden Curriculum
- Academic Accommodations
• Asperger Syndrome, A Primer for Classroom Teachers (6.5 minutes)
• Resources (4 minutes)
- Transition Presentations
- Worry Lists
- Social Scripts

This DVD is available for purchase through AAPC Publishing and

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