Vectors of Autism: A film about being an adult with Autism in a world that is definitely not autistic.

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April, 2013
DVD Author: 
Susan Marks, Producer
DVD Author: 
John Schaffer, Director

This 50 minute DVD presents an interesting autobiographical look at Laura Nagle, an adult living with Autism. In this video, Autism is shown from the perspective of neuro-diversity rather than disability. That is, Laura offers a frank discussion of how people with Autism may be different from others - both physically (due to differences in brain structures) and in the way that they process information from the world around them – but she focuses on their abilities and special talents, rather than their disabilities. The DVD also contains 3 extra segments – a 5 minute stand-up act featuring Laura’s offbeat humour, a slide show of Laura’s art, and Laura’s alternative definition of autism. Closed captioning and video describe options are available for individuals with hearing and visual impairments.

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