Social Dynamics 11 in Victoria, BC

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14 minutes
Melanie Houston
Denise Chow
Jennifer Ferris

Social Skills are typically taught to students with ASD during lunchtime and after school groups, but the team at VIctoria's Oak Bay High wanted to go farther, and developed Social Dynamics 11, a credit course in School District #61 in Victoria, BC.

This course is unique not just because of its curriculum, but because of the synergy and strengths of its team. Allison Adams, POPARD Education and Behaviour Consultant, talks with team members Dr. Melanie Houston, Denise Chow, and Jennifer Ferris.

Students from Social Dynamics 11 add their comments at the end of this video.

POPARD would like to thank all the participants from Oak Bay High for allowing us to videotape their class.

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