Student Profile Workshop, Campbell River, BC

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Sheila Johnsrude
Heidi Stephanson
Teresa Foy
Alyssa Bollans
Pauline Falck

In order to promote positive outcomes for a student with Autism Spectrum Disorder, it's important to provide a meaningful program for him or her. We also need to ensure that a nurturing climate exists in the class and the school. One of the ways we've found to encourage a positive environment is to offer a Student Profile Workshop Day.

This day-long introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder invites local specialists to work with POPARD to provide meaningful information about the diagnosis to team supporting the students with ASD.

Three teams representing students transitioning to middle school participated In the workshop featured in this eLearning. Up to 12 teams have participated in similar workshops. Team members include administrators, teachers, educational assistants, community support workers, parents and often, the student.

Presenters at this workshop include Catherine Smith, the POPARD consultant; Pauline Falck, Speech Language Pathologist; Alyssa Bollans, School Psychologist; Theresa Foy, Integration Support Teacher, and Sheila Johnsrude, Campbell River School District's Director of Student Services.

Students selected for this process reflect the needs of a district. There may be a large group of students entering kindergarten, or in primary classes or in primary classes or transitioning to another school. Once the students are selected, team members receive a booklet of checklists and forms which need to be completed before team members come to the meeting.

After each specialist presentation at the Workshop, teams complete the relevant section of the Student Profile Booklet. The team records pertinent information about their student's unique talents, strengths and challenges as reflected in that area. At the end of the day, the school and family have a valuable document that can help ensure positive programming for their student.

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