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Friendship Space

For some students, the process of meeting and making friends is difficult. The app includes a token system. ‘Alien’ tokens and ‘Friend Ships’ are earned. The information recorded is useful in building social connections and to jump start future interactions.

This app was developed through a collaborative research partnership between The Provincial Outreach Program for Autism in BC, Canada (POPARD), and Emily Carr University, combining the expertise of educational professionals with experience supporting students with Autism Spectrum Disorders in the school setting, and those with expertise in visual and graphic design.

In addition, input from students with ASD and their teachers from Notre Dame High School in Vancouver added an authentic perspective from potential users of this app.

How to use Friendship Space

Have any Questions or Ideas?

If you have any questions about any aspect of the app, getting started, functionality, sharing information, or teaching concerns, please send an email to Friendship Space support and someone will get back to you.

Also, we’d appreciate hearing from you about your experience using the app, or any suggestions you may have on how to use it, improve it, or ideas for teaching or expansion.


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