Autism Information Database

Looking for information on evidence-informed treatment of ASD? ACT – Autism Community Training has created a large searchable database of over 1300 articles, videos and resources. Note- there is information available in multiple languages! You can search them directly below.

POPARD Family School Liaison Service

The POPARD Family-School Liaison Service promotes collaboration between home and school to increase positive learning outcomes and optimal development for students with autism. The service provides tools and guidance that facilitate positive relationships and effective teams for families and school personnel.

Intensive Behaviour Service by POPARD

POPARD's new IBI service provides intensive intervention to students with significant behaviour difficulties that are beyond the current skill levels of District staff, while building capacity to provide support to similar students in the future.

ASD and Executive Functioning in the Workplace

ASD and Executive Functioning in the Workplace are a group of researchers based in Vancouver who work with adults with ASDs and their families on a day-to-day basis. We understand the kind of positive impact meaningful employment can have on these adults because we see the improvements in mental heath and well-being in the clinic. We also recognize that more and more employers are unlocking the added value their employees with ASDs bring to their businesses by capitalizing on their strengths. By developing a resource that makes unlocking that added value more easily, we can benefit both employees with ASD and their employers.

Challenging Behaviour: An Introduction

Do you have students with challenging behaviour in your classroom? POPARD's eLearning, Challenging Behaviour, An Introduction, explains how behaviours are learned, how they function for the student, and provides ideas how to make challenging behaviours less likely to occur. Click the picture to play the video.

Course Registration

To register for a course held at POPARD, go to the TRAINING menu and select your preferred course.

Regional Courses

At the request of school districts around the province, POPARD offers courses in various regions of BC. Please check with your School District's Student Support Services department to enquire about courses hosted by your district.