Intensive Behaviour Service by POPARD

POPARD is offering Districts a service and staff training opportunity which will lead to a certificate in Intensive Behaviour Support.

This new service provides short-term intensive intervention to students with significant behaviour difficulties which are beyond the current skill levels of District staff, while a building the capacity of the District to provide understanding of and support to similar students in the future.

We have produced 3 videos that provide an overview of IBI service, explain how the service will be delivered, and describe the requirements and level of commitment required from Districts.

POPARD Education & Behaviour Consultant Alexandra Voroshina introduces our Intensive Behaviour Intervention service.


A more detailed description of our IBI Service and the specific training the District can expect to receive.


This brief video describes the steps in the referral process for POPARD's Intensive Behaviour Intervention service, including tips on how to choose an appropriate student and team as well as the level of commitment expected from both POPARD and your District. .