Why Research?

We reĀ·search (search again, look again) to find out how things work the way they do; that allows us to design better ways of doing things. By doing research, we also find out whether the things we are doing, including new ideas and suggested practices, actually work as intended. There are some practices, for example, that seem to work well in a research lab or clinical setting, but when applied in a school do not work as well, or only work with certain adjustments.

Research on the POPARD Website

POPARD consultants are expected to keep up with published research in the provision of services to students with autism; they are also encouraged to initiate research in collaboration with their assigned districts.

In this section of our website, readers will find

  • reports on applied research projects that have been completed by POPARD staff in collaboration with others (POPARD Applied Research)
  • descriptions of current projects occurring at POPARD or in collaboration with others (POPARD Current Projects)
  • reviews of selected research relevant to the provision of services to students with ASD. (Reviewed Research), and
  • notices about research opportunities and studies recruiting participants (Research Initiatives).