Planning for Inclusion of All Students - POPARD Super-Workshop


Within this workshop, educators will be introduced to Universal Design for Learning (UDL) as a framework to plan for inclusive, meaningful education for every student, focusing on students with special needs. Participants will be introduced to new tools for their toolbox, create a class profile and use a backwards design approach to collaboratively plan units of study and/or individual lessons to meet the needs of ALL their students. This workshop is intended for classroom or support teachers and ideally would be attended by school teams (i.e., classroom teacher, resource teacher, educational assistant, administrator) as collaboration is always highly valued. Participants are encouraged to bring their own devices (tablets, phones, laptops, etc.), as time will be given to explore software, apps and websites (WiFi access dependent). So if you are feeling overwhelmed by constantly adapting lessons on the fly to meet the needs of all your students, attend this workshop! You will be introduced to planning frameworks, strategies and case-study examples to successfully plan for all your students from the onset with the goal of decreasing teacher stress and increasing student engagement and learning.


Example learning outcomes include:

  • Learn the three guidelines of UDL
  • Investigate and collaborate on ways to decrease teacher stress and increase student learning and engagement
  • Plan new ways to increase student engagement through increasing choice and creating "safe" classrooms
  • Explore a variety of technology tools to diversify ways students are exposed to information
  • Plan using a UDL approach and incorporate the strengths and needs of all students.

registration details

POPARD super‑workshops are open to all BC School District and Independent School personnel. Click here to choose a workshop session.