An Introduction to Social Skills Interventions - POPARD Super-workshop


Open to all BC School District and independent school personnel, this super-workshop has been created to help learning support, resource, and classroom teachers understand, identify, and choose appropriate intervention strategies for students who have lacking or lagging social skills. A focus will be on students who have autism spectrum disorder, but care has been taken to introduce strategies and resources which benefit a myriad of students.


Learning outcomes include:

  • Identify autism spectrum disorders' core impairments
  • Review additional characteristics and theories affecting social skills such as self-regulation, theory of mind and executive functions
  • Explore the link between social skill deficits and executive functions deficits
  • Interpret social skill assessment results and their impact on interventions
  • Explore common areas of social skills deficits such as basic functional skills, conversation skills, social understanding and social anxiety & avoidance
  • Interpret and review case studies by identifying common characteristics, social skill impairments and possible interventions

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POPARD super‑workshops are open to all BC School District and Independent School personnel. Click here to choose a workshop session.