Friday January 24 & Friday January 31: Understanding and Addressing Challenging Behaviour


Presented by Allison Nelson, BCBA
Simon Fraser University – Harbour Centre Campus, Vancouver BC

This 2-day POPARD SuperWorkshop is being hosted by Autism Community Training (ACT). Attend in-person at SFU Harbour Centre (downtown Vancouver) or via webstream. BC School District staff are eligible to register through their district for a group webstream viewing at a reduced rate. Full details and registration information for this event are available here on ACT's website.

Who should attend this SuperWorkshop?

This workshop is appropriate for K-12 classroom teachers, resource teachers, learning support teachers, case-managers, and other professionals who are not yet familiar with assessment and intervention of challenging behaviour. The workshop is particularly beneficial when multiple members of a school team can attend (e.g., the classroom teacher, case manager, and EAs). Community professionals and parents may register on the understanding that this workshop focuses on training school personnel.

Why should I attend this SuperWorkshop?

The characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) often manifest in challenging behaviour, causing school support personnel much distress as they struggle to understand and address the behaviors so they can help the student learn. Thankfully, there is a large evidence-base of effective instructional strategies to support positive behaviour in children and teens with ASD.

This 2-day introductory super-workshop will prepare you to answer questions such as:

  • For what reasons does challenging behaviour occur?
  • How can I find out why my student is engaging in such behaviour?
  • How can I limit the likelihood of challenging behaviour, both before it has occurred and after?

Participants will walk away having learned the fundamentals of how to make changes in programming that can support student success.

Interested in this SuperWorkshop? Additional information and registration details are available here on ACT's website.

POPARD and ACT (Autism Community Training) have been working on a number of collaborative initiatives to enhance access to high quality training for educators. POPARD will facilitate group viewings via live web stream of an upcoming workshop for school teams around the province with the help of District Partners (or their delegates) who wish to support this initiative.