Functional Curriculum Set of 8 Books

Set of 8 Books

Functional Curriculum, Books

The Functional Curriculum was developed in a classroom setting to meet the needs of students with ASD who require extensive interventions to acquire those life skills necessary for living adult lives as independently as possible.

The volumes cover functional curriculum assessment and data recording through task analysis, data collection sheets, and teaching instructions for each of the series topics. Topics included are Functional Academics, Self-Help and Life Skills, Vocational and Work Experience, and more.

The Functional Curriculum is available in a set of 8 coil-bound books or as a CD in pdf format containing all 8 volumes.

This product is the set of 8 coil-bound books.

Titles in the Functional Curricumlum Set include:

  • Book 1: Functional Curriculum Assessment and Data Recording
  • Book 2: Functional Academics – Part One
  • Book 3: Functional Academics – Part Two
  • Book 4: Arts and Crafts
  • Book 5: Self-Help and Life Skills
  • Book 6: Community Training
  • Book 7: Vocational And Work Experience
  • Book 8: Curriculum for Students with Severe Intellectual Disabilities

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