Cereal Box Math Facts

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Task of the Month:
April, 2017

If you have a student who loves puzzles, this is a great activity for you!
All you need is:

  • The front of a cereal box
  • Scissors
  • A marker


    1. Cut off the front panel from the cereal box. On the back of the panel (i.e., the side that was inside of the box) draw a vertical line to divide the box into two columns.
    2. Measure evenly spaced horizontal lines to create a grid. The number of rows you create will depend on how many questions or items your student is able to manage at one time. This might range from three to ten or more.
    3. Continuing on the back side of the panel, write the equations in the right column and number them so that the student knows the order in which to lay out the questions. In the left column, write the corresponding answers.
    4. Cut along the lines of the grid to create question cards and answer cards.
    5. Have the student lay out the question cards in vertical order according to how they are numbered, and then match the corresponding answers to the equations. Make sure the answer cards have been shuffled first!
    6. When finished, the student can flip over all of the cards to display the illustrated side of the panel. If the picture on the front of the box looks like it’s supposed to, that shows the student that they have answered all questions correctly! If something looks funny, the student can see that they need to flip the cards over and try again.

An additional benefit of this activity is that it can be easily adapted for various skill levels as well as skill areas. For example, for students working on much more basic math skills, such as number sense, can practice putting number in order from smallest to biggest. Additionally, this same format can be used to develop student vocabulary, by matching words to pictures or even definitions.

References & more information
This task was adapted from the Make, Take & Teach website. Be sure to check out the video demonstration of how to set up this activity provided by Make,Take and Teach.

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