Counting Coins

Task of the Month:
January, 2018

The goal of Counting Coins is for students to count various coins and arrive at a specified amount. The student learns a functional math skill, as well as to work independently from start to finish. The task will also practice fine motor skills while manipulating small coins.

Prerequisite Skills:
Ability to identify various coins and their values. Double-digit addition and subtraction is also needed.

Flashcards cut out and blank ones to write your own amounts. Many coins of varying values. A calculator may also be used.

-Starting with simple calculations, requiring fewer coins will be best for increasing success and therefore motivation.

-Once the skill is learned, it is important to generalize to the natural environment. This could be a local dollar store, where the student can begin using skills in a functional manner.

ABLLS-R Code: R24
Skill Level: Intermediate

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