Dressing for the Weather

Dressing for the Weather
Dressing for the Weather
Dressing for the Weather
Task of the Month:
December, 2018

In order to increase independence, individuals with ASD need to be able to groom and dress themselves. Getting dressed involves both fine and gross motor skills, as well as the ability to choose appropriate clothes for the weather. This task is adapted from Tasks Galore and provides students with extra practice on choosing appropriate clothes.

    • Visuals
    • Zip lock bag, velcro


    • Print and laminate the template, children and clothing items
    • Place all the visuals in a zip lock bag


    • Put Velcro on each season (in order to place child); put Velcro on clothing items as well as on the children to prevent materials from moving
    • Could do one season at a time (place the child in the target season) or practice all seasons
    • Sorting and discrimination between the seasons/clothing are pre-requisite skills

Clothes and other visuals.doc3.47 MB
Student instructions.docx1.5 MB

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