Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head
Task of the Month:
April, 2019

In this task, the student must follow a visual task analysis to fully assemble Mr. Potato Head. Following visual instructions allows the student to work independently through a multi-step task. Assembling Mr. Potato Head should be motivating for the student.


  • Mr. Potato Head toy
  • Printed picture cards of Mr. Potato Head body parts
  • Folder or basket for materials

Set up:

  • Print and cut out all Mr. Potato Head body part picture cards
  • Place Mr. Potato Head in student’s work area with no body parts attached
  • Place the visual instructions next to Mr. Potato Head and the body parts


  • Ensure the student has appropriate fine motor control to complete the task without assistance
Mr. Potato Head pictures.pdf39.85 KB
Student instructions Mr. Potato Head.pdf360.59 KB

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