Matching Words to Pictures

Matching Words to Pictures
Task of the Month:
November, 2017

The goal of the Matching Words to Picturesis for students to identify written words by matching them to a corresponding picture. This can be done with matching cards, pointing to objects, or even using string to identify pairs. Students also learn to work independently on a single task from start to finish. Lastly, students can practice fine motor skills, dependent on how the activity is set up.

Prerequisite Skills
Student will need to be able to decode.
Word cards and picture cards. String can be used as well, or items, rather than pictures.
Please download the Teacher Instructions attached below.
This task should be setup based on the skill level of the student. It is important that tasks are challenging without being overwhelming.
To ensure generalization, use a variety of pictures for a single word, as well as a variety of words for one picture.

ABLLS-R Code: Q5
Skill Level: Basic

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Words and Pictures sample.pdf293.8 KB

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