Setting the Table

Setting the Table
Setting the Table
Task of the Month:
April, 2018

Setting the Table
This holiday season help your son or daughter help you! We’ve included two strategies for teaching setting the table; choose the task that best fits your child’s goals and abilities.

Task 1: Matching Objects to Photographs

Materials you’ll need:
Plates and cups in a container, photos of your plates and cups, and a place mat

Steps for setting up this task:

  • Take photos of one plate and one cup that your child will be using to set your table; we recommend using plastic plates and cups.
  • Tape the photos to placemats or to the table in the location where they should be set
  • Place the plates and cups in a basket/box near the table.
  • Have your child choose one item at a time from the basket/box and match each plate and cup to the pictures on the placemats.

Tip: Every student has a different level of symbolic understanding. That means that some students understand that a photograph represents an object. Other students may need to match objects to identical objects or similar, representative objects; others may be able to match objects to pictures, drawings, or even words. You can adapt this activity depending on your child’s level of understanding.

Task 2: Following Directions - Top-to-Bottom Checklists

Often, students have the skills needed to complete a task but may have difficulty organizing the pieces required to complete the task properly. A checklist written in sequential order may be what the student needs to complete the task independently.
Materials you’ll need: Pictorial checklist (pictures can be photos, clip art, or line drawings)


  • Organize the items needed to set the table in an area where the student can easily and independently access them.
  • Have your child follow the step-by-step checklist (see attachment below) to set the table; be sure he or she is checking off each of the steps as they are completed.
checklist for setting the table.pdf63.44 KB

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