Sort Private vs Public

Sort Private vs Public
Task of the Month:
July, 2019

All children explore their bodies – this is developmentally appropriate. Typical children learn to discriminate between public and private, however, children with disabilities often have little to zero understanding of what behaviour is appropriate in public and what is not (picking nose, touching private parts, scratching, etc.). This task can be used to start teaching public vs. private behaviours and places. Define public as “with others” and private as “by yourself”.


  • Template for sorting
  • Laminated cards of behaviours/places


  • Choose applicable behaviours/places
  • Print and laminate visuals


  • Student should be able to understand the concept “alone” vs. “with others”
  • Include places and behaviours that are relevant to the student and his/her age group
  • Once your student is able to discriminate the differences between two kinds of behaviours and places, use the visuals to pre-load them before going somewhere (e.g., to the restaurant). Visuals of “private” and “public” can also be used as a reminder while out in the community
  • Images taken from Vanderbilt Kennedy Center. For more resources see:

You can download student instructions and sample images from the Attachments area below.

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