Sorting Emotions

Task of the Month:
June, 2018

Sorting is a foundation skill for any student, and students with ASD may require additional practice with social interactions and communications. Once the student has learned emotions and sorting facial expressions, independent practice helps maintain these skills, and can be generalized in other settings. This task will provide our students the opportunity to increase their social interactions and communication skills at home and/or in the community. The student is required to sort all emotions given using work syste Work systems provide students with structure and routine which promotes independence.

Materials you'll need are:

  • Emotion pictures (e.g., sad, happy, and angry) printed and Velcro
  • 1 bag for materials
  • 1 folder for sorting
  • Task analysis for student directions (if needed)


  • Print and cut out all emotion picture cards
  • Have student open bag, take all pictures, and sort each based off the correct emotion.
  • Student can follow a task analysis. An example of this is attached below.


  • Only use prompts to promote errorless learning. The focus of using work systems are for the student to complete the tasks independently.
  • Work systems should incorporate grade level, functional, and IEP goals. .

For additional information, refer to this scholarly article:

student_instructions.docx171.94 KB

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