POPARD's Registration Information & Course/Training Policies

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Eligibility & Fees

**The following information regarding eligibility and fees applies to courses held in-house at POPARD. For courses being hosted in your district, please check with your School District’s Student Support Services Department. Information about district-hosted courses is also posted on our Regional Courses Page.

POPARD is funded by BC’s Ministry of Education to provide training for employees of BC School Districts and independent schools following the Ministry of Education’s curriculum. School employees must submit a signed-off Confirmation of Employment (COE) form in order to have the course tuition fee ($300) waived. Note that a non-refundable administration fee of $75 is payable by all course attendees (including school employees). Please refer to the specific course pages for more information, current fees, links to registration, and to download any required forms.

Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Introduction to Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA-01)
Both of these courses are open to employees of BC School Districts and independent schools following the Ministry of Education's curriculum. Interested parties who are not employed by a BC School District / independent school may submit an application to POPARD for consideration (click on the course title below for more information and to access the link to submit an application). If your application is accepted, POPARD will contact you with information on how to complete registration and submit payment. A $300 tuition fee applies to all non-school employees and must be paid in addition to the non-refundable $75 administration fee (which is payable by all registrants).

Tuition fees are refundable, but only if the request is made at least 2 weeks before the first day of class. A reminder that the $75 administration fee is not refundable.

Click on the course title below to visit the course page for more information:

  • Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders: Practical Applications (ASD)
  • Introduction to Applied Behaviour Analysis: Part 1, Instruction (ABA-01)
  • Supporting Students with ASD in your Classroom (An Online Course for Teachers)
    This course is specifically developed for teachers and other education professionals with at minimum a 4-year university degree (e.g., classroom or special education teachers, Administrators, District Helping Teachers, Speech Language Pathologists, Counselors, School Psychologists, Occupational Therapists) employed in BC School Districts / independent schools.

    Please refer to the course page for more information/current fees, and to download the required forms.

    Non-violent Crisis Intervention (CPI)

    **Please note we are no longer offering CPI/NVCI (Non-Violent Crisis Intervention) training and we do not know if/when we will be offering it again.**

    NOTE: Fees paid to POPARD for courses held at POPARD are not transferable to courses held in school districts or other locations.


    Participant Code of Conduct & Attendance

    A POPARD course is intended to be a professional learning environment in which participants are expected to display the attitudes and behaviours that would be consistent with the work that they do in schools or in the general workplace. These expectations are also considered to be the hallmark of professional and respectful learning environments. A failure to adhere to these expectations may result in the course participant being dis-enrolled from the course.

    Participants are expected to:

  • attend the scheduled course sessions
  • arrive at the course sessions on time each day and remain until class ends
  • come to class prepared with readings and assignments completed
  • demonstrate active and attentive listening during instruction
  • actively contribute to class activities and discussions
  • use appropriate and respectful language
  • display appropriate nonverbal/body language
  • socialize only during class breaks
  • NOTE: Participants must attend the entire training session in order to receive a certificate upon completion of the course (for courses in which certificates are issued).

    There are no make-up classes or drop-ins to other sessions.


  • Cheating is a serious offence.
  • When you are completing independent assignments, tests or quizzes, the work you submit is expected to be yours alone.
  • Cheating will be dealt with immediately.
  • If you are suspected of cheating you will be spoken to by the instructor and you may also be referred to the host administrator or the popard principal.
  • On the first instance of cheating behavior you will receive a zero on the assignment, test or quiz.
  • On the second instance of cheating behavior you will be instructed to leave the course and you will not receive a certificate.
  • Cheating on the final marked activity on the last day of the course will result in a course certificate featuring a course mark of zero.
  • Cheating behavior is defined as any attempt to find or copy answers from someone else or another source.

    This behavior includes, but is not limited to: looking at someone else’s work, glancing over at someone else’s paper, asking someone the answer, or attempting to look up the answer on your phone or other device. Phones and laptops should be turned off and removed from your work surface during independent assignments, tests or quizzes to eliminate any suspicion of cheating.

    Course Work & Evaluation

    Please refer to the specific course pages for more information regarding course work & evaluation, including supplementary readings, assignments and projects, and quizzes/exams.

    Expected English Language Proficiency

    Proficiency in English language is required for POPARD’s courses. You must be able to speak/listen and read/write English to a standard equivalent to grade 10 high school English or better. You may encounter difficulty understanding course material without a firm grasp of the English language.

    Accommodations For Participants With Disabilities

    Upon request, POPARD will provide reasonable accommodation to participants with documented disabilities. Accommodations will be determined on a case-by-case basis, in order to promote learner success.

    If you have a documented disability that requires accommodation, contact POPARD’s Training Coordinator at least 6 weeks before the scheduled course start date to initiate the process for implementing your individual accommodation needs. This includes providing documentation by an appropriately qualified professional (depending on the nature of the disability this may be a medical doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, or other professional). Documentation must outline the diagnosis, symptoms, functional impact of your disability related to your learning success, and recommendations for accommodations. It is the responsibility of the course participant to submit documentation validating their disability within the 6-week time limit. It is recommended that the participant contact the training coordinator in advance of the 6-week deadline to determine the type of documentation and qualified professional required (depending on the nature of the disability).

    POPARD will collaborate with the participant to coordinate support services and/or resources to accommodate their needs.