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About me, me, and the map – POPARD
About me, me, and the map

About me, me, and the map


This tasks may be adapted to address several skills:

  • Personal safety information (e.g., full name, phone number, parents’ names and phones, address, etc.)
  • Geography (e.g., address, town/city, country, etc.)
  • Mapping (directions, cardinal directions, etc.)

This task can be adapted for younger students (K/grade 1) as well as for older students (Grade 3/4/5). Depending on the background knowledge the student is required to fill in information in each circle.


  • me: draw a picture of yourself and on the back describe yourself.
  • home: draw your home, write down your favourite place to be at home.
  • street: draw a map of your street including a compass indicating north.
  • town: find out when your town first became a town and what its main industry was.
  • our country: find out what is the population of your country and national animal. Draw a flag of our continent – name our continent, write 3 countries that you can find on our continent.
  • our planet: draw our planet and write the name of 3 oceans and 5 countries you’d like to visit.


  • Circles
  • Pencils/Markers
  • Glue


  • Cut each circle appropriate size and label


  • Ensure that your student knows background information (e.g., their address, their phone number, the country they live in)
  • Base the difficulty requirements on student’s abilities
  • Student should be able to glue

This activity is from Me on the Map: The Original Map Circle Project and Much, Much More!
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