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Choosing food at MacDonald’s – POPARD
Choosing food at MacDonald's

Choosing food at MacDonald’s


The concept of money can be too abstract for students with ASD to fully grasp. Therefore, it might be necessary to teach students a simpler and meaningful way to use money in order to promote independence.

This task allows students to practice simple money math with items from McDonald’s restaurant. Three options are provided: 2 dollars, 5 dollars and 10 dollars. For each bill, a student is expected to pick items from the mock menu that can be purchased for that amount of money. For example, for 2 dollars, the student may choose a coffee and a muffin or a soft drink.


  • Visual template and menu items
  • Zip lock bag


  • Print and laminate the template and different food items
  • Put Velcro on the squares of the template and the menu items


  • The student needs to be able to do addition and estimation
  • Alternatively, you could teach your student to memorize which items can be bought given each amount of money