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Circle of friends

Circle of friends


Circle of Friends is designed to give your student practice discriminating between relationships with the different people in their lives. A kindergarten student can sit on their teacher’s lap; however, this is inappropriate in grade 5. Therefore, we need to teach our students the circle of people that surround them and acceptable behaviours. This can also include stranger awareness.


  • Template for sorting
  • Cards with people/photographs of people
  • Cards with actions you can do with these groups of people
  • Ziplock bag for action words


  • Choose people that you will target and adapt the template accordingly
  • Use language appropriate for student’s comprehension level for the action cards (visuals could be used as well)


  • When creating this task, consider students’ language and comprehension skills
  • First, teach who goes in which group (e.g., family = mom, dad, sister, brother, grandma, etc.). Then teach what can the student do with each of the groups using action cards (e.g., hug, kiss, talk about anything = family, etc.)