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Directed drawing folder – POPARD
Directed drawing folder

Directed drawing folder


Directed Drawing folder is another task that allows students to work independently using a Work System. This task allows students to practice following written picture-supported directions.

Materials you’ll need are:

  • file folder
  • multiple ‘draw’ pictures (Cut out pictures from the materials provided or make your own.)
  • colour and clothing cards (Cut out the items from the materials provided and glue them on small cards, or make your own.)
  • coloured markers
  • an overhead marker
  • many pages of stick figures (Use the one provided or make your own.)
  • Velcro®


On the left hand side of the file folder, glue several ‘draw’ cards in a single column. Leave enough space between each one to write. Next, laminate the folder and the ‘colour’ and ‘clothing’ cards. Once the folder is laminated, affix two Velcro® dots in a row after each ‘draw’ picture. These will be used to hold the colour and clothing cards when building the student directions. Also affix Velcro® to the back of the colour and clothing cards. Each time this activity is set up, a novel set of directions can be created for the student by mixing and varying the colour and clothing cards. Using the overhead marker, a sentence can also be written below the pictures for the student to practice reading.

The attached set of picture-supported directions show the student what to do. These can be tucked inside the folder along with a blank stick figure drawing. The folder and a set of felts can then be stored together in the student’s work system.

Work Systems allow a student to work independently in the classroom and eventually in work settings.
Please note that tasks for work systems should be directly related to a student’s IEP goals and be able to be independently performed.