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Domestic skills: cleaning windows – POPARD
Domestic skills: cleaning windows

Domestic skills: cleaning windows


Start by breaking down the task of “cleaning windows” into its component steps through task analysis.

Use your task analysis to develop a visual checklist for your student or child with ASD, as demonstrated in the attachment below.

Depending on your student, the steps included may have to be more specific to the environment (e.g., photo of cleaning materials or window), use less language, or provide more detailed instruction than are included in this example.

Tips for Teaching

After completing a task analysis, try video modelling as supplemental teaching strategy that demonstrates the steps detailed on their checklist.

Additionally, visual supports embedded in the task will help students completing the task successfully. Try stickers on the window as a cue for where and how many times your student should spray the glass cleaner (e.g., spray on each red dot). You can also mark a path with a whiteboard marker for your student to follow while wiping the glass – this will come off as the glass is cleaned!

This Task Analysis was inspired by Tasks Galore for the Real World by Laurie Eckenrode, Pat Fennell, and Kathy Hearsey

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