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What services does POPARD provide? – POPARD

What services does POPARD provide?



  • Student consultation focuses on the needs of an individual student with ASD and their team with the goal of creating a do-able implementation plan.
  • Extended consultation, recommended for complex situations.
  • Classwide consultation focuses on building the capacity of the teacher and improving the overall learning environment for the benefit of all students.
  • Program consultation focuses on building the capacity of an itinerant or schoolbased resource teacher, specific to their professional role.
  • Implementation support follows our consults in order to support implementation of strategies and plans.

Psycho-educational and Functional Behaviour Assessments:

A limited number of assessments can be provided each year, primarily by our supervised psychology intern. Application for assessments must be done in consultation between the POPARD consultant and District Partner. Priority is given to districts with limited psychology services.

Special Research Projects:

POPARD encourages districts who are interested in launching innovative practices and gathering evidence of efficacy to collaborate with their POPARD consultant. Descriptions and outcomes of some of our special research projects can be found on our website under the ‘Research’ tab.

Workshops and Professional Development:

A range of topics related to ASD can be tailored to district needs. Professional development can be enhanced by the additional provision of follow-up implementation support.

Training Courses:
POPARD offers the following courses:

  • Introduction to ASD, Practical Applications
  • Introduction to ABA, Part 1: Instruction
  • Supporting Students with ASD in your Classroom: an online course for teachers

In-house courses are held at the POPARD training centre in Delta, BC. For information about in-house courses, visit our courses page. District courses are hosted by and held in school districts. To see our current district course dates, click here. If you have questions about district courses contact your District Partner.