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Labelling body parts – POPARD
Labelling body parts

Labelling body parts


Labeling Body Parts is another task that allows students to work independently using a Work System.

Materials you’ll need are:

  • File Folder
  • A 8½” x 11″ (or 8½” x 14″ if using a legal size folder) picture of a person of the same gender as your student. (Two possible pictures are provided on the materials sheet in the attachment below.)
  • Coloured yarn
  • Velcro® dots
  • Word cards with labels for body parts (see the attachment below)
  • An envelope for the word cards

To make this folder, first glue the body picture on the left inside of the folder. Draw a series of boxes or lines that are big enough to fit the body label cards. Note you do not need as many lines as labels. (You may want to laminate the folder at this point.)

Next, using library or other strong tape, attach a piece of coloured yarn from each label box or line. The yarn should be long enough to reach all the parts of the body. Put a Velcro dot (hook side) on each body part you want your student to practice and on each spot for the label card.
Your folder should look something like Figure 1.

To set the task up each day, simply press the loose end of each string on a Velcro dot on part of the body. This will allow you to mix and vary the body parts and order of labelling each time your student practices. Your student can then affix the corresponding label card to the name box or line.

Sample body pictures and label cards have been provided, though you can also change these to suit your student’s needs.

The Student can follow the directions given in written and picture form in the attachment below.

Work Systems allow a student to work independently in the classroom and eventually in work settings.
Please note that tasks for work systems should be directly related to a student’s IEP goals and be able to be independently performed