Summer Vacay Memory Game


This summer, help your child with autism remember his or her summer holiday through Memory! Whether you’re going on a special trip or enjoying a preferred activity in your community, help document your son’s or daughter’s favourite things so they can later look back and share those details with others!

Materials needed:

– Camera
– 2 printed copies of 12 of pictures taken with the camera
– Envelope or box for storage


  • Before leaving for a trip or going out into the community explain to your child that he or she will be the official photographer.
  • Help your child take photos of his or her favourite sights, activities, and people.
  • Once home, choose 12 of the photos and develop or print two copies of each photo.
  • Shuffle and lay out the photos in a 5 x 4 grid with each photo facing down.
  • Get ready to play the Memory game to help your child uncover the details of the fun they had. Bonus: The structure of the game will provide your child with extra practice turn taking – a foundational social skill!
  • Once the game is well practiced, you can use it as an activity for play dates – not only will your child practice turn taking with others but can use the pictures to answer questions and remind them of details they can share about their summer with friends.

**Idea inspired from: