Count Coins and Match to Value


Counting coins and matching to value is a task that could fit within a student’s independent work system.

Work system tasks are tasks that the student can already do independently, are created to address a variety of levels of functioning, and correspond to a student’s IEP objectives. Work Systems allow a student to work independently in the classroom and eventually in work settings.


  • File folder
  • Envelopes
  • Ziplock bag
  • Variety of coins
  • Student instructions

Setup: Creating the Folder

  • Glue or tape the envelopes into one side of the open file folder and the ziplock bag to the other side.
  • Write a dollar value (e.g., $ 0.75, $2.00) on the front of the envelopes.
  • Count out enough coins to make each of the dollar values you wrote and put them in the ziplock bag.


  • Vary the number of envelopes and values according to the student’s skill level.
  • Consider occasionally changing the types of coins in the bag so that the student learns to create the values using a different mix of coins (e.g., 2 dimes and a nickel rather than a quarter).
  • Another variation is to write out the dollar values in words (e.g., “One dollar and seventy cents”), use price tags like you might see in a store, or use prices with pictures from flyers.