Food sorting


In this task, students are asked to sort food either by food group or where the food is kept in the kitchen. By using the same pictures across sorting categories, students can enhance their knowledge of food and make connections between different types of food (e.g., dairy and meat products are kept in the refrigerator).


  • Familiar food items, or laminated pictures of familiar food items
  • Labels for each sorting category (samples provided below)


  1. Students are given food items (or pictures of food items) related to each category to sort.
  2. Students place each picture or item by the correct label; you may use baskets for real food items or labelled pocket folders for pictures to help students distinguish where to put items as they sort.

Tip for Success: Make sure you talk to your student’s parent or guardian to make sure that the locations for food match what is done at home. Students can practice the skills they learn by helping to put groceries away in their own kitchen!