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Site Word Scavenger Hunt


The goal of this task is to practice reading words through a fun scavenger hunt activity. This makes reading words more fun and provides an opportunity to get up and moving around. This task is easily adaptable to the abilities of your student and can be done during the summer holidays as practice.


  • Word cards
  • Pictures that correspond to the word cards

Instructions for the teacher:

  1. Set up the scavenger hunt by hiding the word cards around the room or area you will play.
  2. Tell the student that you are going to go on a scavenger hunt to find some words.
  3. Give the student the pictures. The student will need to search around the area and find the words that go along with the pictures (e.g., if given a picture of an apple, will need to find the word “apple”).


  • To make this more interesting, it could be done in a dark room using a flashlight.
  • This game could be adapted to become an outside water game using water guns (e.g., shoot the word with your water gun when you find it).
  • If your student enjoys competitive games, you can do this as a bingo game with several other children where the first one to fill their board wins a prize.
  • You can make the task simpler by having the student find identical pictures to the ones you give him, or by matching words to words, according to the abilities of your student.